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Crossing The Barrier

Insights for Bicep and Pit Fisting

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 06/19/2017

Updated: 06/19/2017

Duration: 5 Minutes

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Case Study: Where No Man Has Gone Before | Personal History | Anatomical Considerations | Exercises/Techniques

Executive Summary

Tips and advice for making it past the last curve to reach armpit depth insertions. Also included are personal milestones and notes recorded from my journey to the shoulder.

Case Study: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Reference Point

This case study follows Finn Vortex's journey from the elbow to the pit. It doesn't include activities leading up to elbow-depth insertion.


01 June 2016

After multiple attempts (at least 10) by my regular ff-Top (0050), four fingers are into the splenic flexure about knuckle deep. Need to continue stretching and pulling down the flexure to straigten the path.

30 June 2016

Met 0073 (Enrique) while visiting Salt Lake City, UT. Small framed guy with 30+ years of fisting experience. In an hour-long play session, he was able to make it past his elbow so that the olercranon had passed completely through the first ring (anal canal).

03 July 2016

Met 0074 (Elias) in Laramie, WY. Shorter guy with thicker arms. He also took me post olercranon in about an hour long play session.

31 July 2016

Met 0081 (Elijah) and reached new levels of insertion. Elijah is small framed and about five feet tall. He was able to go bicep deep and get two hands fully into the rectum and past sigmoid. Unsuccessful in passing the flexure though.

05 August 2016

With my regular ff-Top (0050), we experienced a tear in the sigmoid colon. See Case Study: Intestinal Tear. Further attempts are postponed for probably a year or longer.

15 May 2017

Added two new toys to my collection after speaking with Agent Colby on AP. He regularly stretched with Can Opener from Mr Hankey. Purchased that and Big Daddy XXXL to go with Boss Hogg and Stump 'n Dump. After several weeks of play with these toys, the first ring is stretched sufficiently enough that the olercranan is no longer too wide for general penetration, even on medium size hands on average height men.

11 June 2017

Met 0130 (Easton) while in DC at FFA. Shorter guy, small hands, average size arms. He was able to get the olercranan into the first ring, but not through it.

15 June 2017

A skilled Top found the stitches from the laparotomy and intestinal repair much higher than previously thought—past the hump, near the navel. They are exposed. This means depth is no longer an option for novice fisters.

Personal History


Tracking your progress/history provides you insight on reaching your goals. For more information on detailed record keeping, see Art & Science: Training — Progress Logs.

Milestone Events & Participants

Fistee (Finn Vortex)
Milestone Size Date Key
First Ring Small 01/2014 0007
First Ring Medium 02/2014 0009
First Ring Large 02/2014 0008
First Ring (2) Small 08/2015 0007
First Ring (2) Medium
Second Ring Small 06/2014 0019
Second Ring Medium 02/2015 0032
S Curve Small 03/2015 0027
S Curve Medium 11/2015 0050
Third Ring Small
Third Ring Medium
Fister (Partner)
Milestone Size Date Key
Single Fist Small 01/2014 0007
Single Fist Medium 02/2014 0009
Single Fist Large 02/2014 0008
Double Fist Small 08/2015 0007
Double Fist Medium
Forearm Average 05/2014 0014
Elbow Short 06/2016 0073
Elbow Long
Bicep Short 07/2016 0081
Bicep Long
Pit Short
Pit Long
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Video History - Double Fist 0007

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Fist Club Studios

Double Take

Cast & Crew

Receptor:Finn Vortex
Inserter(s):Clark England
Director:James Marshall
Editor:Ery King
Screenplay:Jason W Riterly
Lighting/Effects:John Apple
Cinematography:John Apple
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Anatomical Considerations

Common sense indicates that extreme depth play is not for everybody. In fact, depth fisting requires a very unique match of Top and Bottom where genetics, natural talent, and intense training are all components of the equation.

Considerations for the Top

Several characteristics about the arm will determine if a Top can reach bicep and shoulder depths:

  • Hand Size
  • Forearm Length
  • Elbow Joint
  • Bicep Size
  • Bone Mass/Maleability

Potential Topics

These are potential topics for this area:

  • Arm Anatomy - including contortions
  • Internal Organs
  • Flexures


Additional content for this section is currently in development. Want to contribute?

In addition to the excercise from Art & Science: Training, you can follow thise training practices for post elbow insertions:

  • Opening the Flexure (third ring)
  • Stopping at Dead Ends
  • Deep Douching Procedures - Shit Happens!