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Fisting Outside the Confines of Your Own Home

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 12/31/2016

Updated: 12/31/2016

Duration: 5 Minutes

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Executive Summary

Planning details for fisting at his place or a fisting event. Includes standard practices when playing in groups, instructions on how to prepare for play outside your home, and packing lists for travel dates.

Remote Fisting

Packing Your Bags

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What to take with you...

Heading Tertiary

Prepping Your Chute

If playing local (anywhere within an hour commute), the bottom should clean out at his place. There are some exceptions to this rule, such as discretionary play, unexpected pop up fisting dates, or delayed access to douching facilities (perhaps due to day at the office or a night out on the town). Otherwise, a bottom should come prepared to play without having to cyle through a major clean-out.

This is not to say the host shouldn't be prepared for a minor touch-up, as sometimes the stomach acts out unexpectedly. The bottom should follow his general guidelines and douche up a level for the expected type of play. For example, if he's planning on shallow fisting, he should complete a Level 2 cleanout instead of a Level 1 douching.

Respecting Your Fisting Partner

General Provisions & Assumptions

Hosts - Guests

Shedules and Timing

Packing List

Post Play Clean Up

Party and Play (PNP)

Group Fisting Etiquette

When attending a fisting party, follow these rules of participation:

  1. Prepare in advance:
    • Bottoms: Modify your eating schedule and douche appropriately for the type of play expected.
    • Tops: Trim and clip your nails (even if gloves are required). Review post-fisting hand/arm cleaning procedures to avoid cross contaminating bottoms.
  2. Pack your supply bag appropriately.
    • Bottoms: Make sure you include pads and your own lube.
    • Tops: Include gloves that fit your hand size, clean-up soaps/materials, and hand sanitizer.
  3. Practice good hygiene:
  4. Respect others' play scenes:
    • Ask permission to watch or participate. If the answer is no, move on without making a scene.
    • Respect the house rules. If it's a substance free party, do not use prior to or during the event.
    • Stay out of the bubble. Invading personal space can affect the connection between top and bottom. The environment may dictate the size of the bubble, so be conscious of the size of the room and the amount of people there. Conversely, if you are the top or bottom, realize that your bubble shrinks as based on the size of the room.
    • Do not use other peoples equipment unless direct permission is granted. 'Use your words' to ask permission. Generally asking directly can put somebody in an awkward position to say no, so you may have to develop a conversation and get a feel for the sharing capaciity of your conversant.
  5. Participate

Heading Secondary

Heading Tertiary

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