A R T   A N D   S C I E N C E   O F   F I S T I N G

Fist Theory™


This is a temporary landing page for Fist Theory™, formerly known as Fist Club. Click here to access the full version of Fist Theory™.

You may also want to access the world wide Calendar of Events or the Directory of International Clubs which is currently limited to North America at this time.

Shigella and XDR Shigella are on the rise. Decrease your risk by learning about basic hygiene in the Fist Theory™ Education Center.

Fist Theory™ Migration Project

In this section: Iterations | Project Status | Project Caveats, Vision, and Future


Fist Theory™ has several iterations which include the following:

  • Fist Club - Infinite Depth Vortex | The first rendition of my instructional writings regarding fisting designed in 2016. The design is functional on mobile devices, but does not take advantage of mobile design principles.
  • Fist Club - Experience The Vortex (2018) | The second rendition of the same website, with a slightly more favorable design.
  • Fist Club - Art & Science of Fisting (2020) | The third rendition of the same website, with the concept of fisting courses and clusters of related topics. Even more mobile friendly than the previous iteration.
  • Fist Theory - Art & Science of Fisting | The current rendition of instructional writings, with a focus of objective, data-driven content with limited subjective opinion instead of subjective opinion-driven content with limited objective data.

Project Status

The realignment to objective, data-driven content is much more time intensive than originally thought. Items previously covered in a single topic have expanded into multiple topics in most cases. It is expected that the amount of articles/courses will quadruple once the project is complete.

Because it will take at least a year or two to realize the realignment, you may see topics, articles, and commentary from previous renditions in the Education Center of this website. The older topics are less mobile friendly and typically display a page banner other than "Fist Theory - Art & Science of Fisting." A few topics are in a state of limbo so check the updated date or publication date to see if they are fully rewritten.

Please be patient with broken links and missing imagery on both old and new content. Some of this is due to undeveloped content (future topics) and some is due to cross referencing errors in older content.

The About, Podcast & Blogs, and Resources pages have all been migrated into the new mobile-friendly platform. The primary blog, named "The Opinionated Fister" is where most content that cannot be supported by subjective data has landed after the migration.

Project Caveats, Vision, and Future

Fist Club & My Personal Depth Vortex

I have not completely abandoned the moniker "Fist Club - Experience the Vortex" in my latest rendition.

A section of this website will still carry that name even after the full migration; however, this section is a 'vanity project' where I provide information about me, including my Fisting Biography, my Fisting Creed, a Fisting Roadmap (containing instructions for rapid elbow depth insertion into my fistchute), and a catalog of my toy arsenal, which includes inventory, mastery videos, and reviews.



I would like to translate this website into Spanish and Portuguese. I have Portuguese translators lined up, but am still looking for Spanish translators. I could take a stab at Spanish translation—a poor stab. As they say in Spain, 'I can defend myself' which means 'you are fluent in daily conversation,' but it's been 25 years since I lived in Madrid, much of my fluidity, as they say in Spanish 'has escaped me.' Apart from that, my Mormon Missionary Vocabulary lacks most words related to sexual pervisions, especially fisting.

I don't have plans to translate to German, French, Italian, or Dutch at this time despite the large number of fisters in countries that speak these langauges. A large portion of younger generations in these countries have fairly good English skills. If you want to volunteer to translate into those or other languages, we can make that happen.

Networking and Events

In this section: Nuances of URLs | Directory, Events Calendar, and More

Nuances of URLs

Facebook no longer allows direct links to the URLs and because those URLs contain sexually explicit content/imagery OR because it considers those URLs spam (apparently, you can't post links to your webpage daily in Facebook groups).

Eventually, the updated content at the Fist Theory™ website will migrate to the URL This is a year or so off. In the meantime, I'll create a redirect of to so you can set you bookmarks and browsers up in advance of the change.

In case you are wondering, somebody (besides me) owns the URL: I won't pay 27K US Dollars for that URL.

Directories, Events Calendar and More

You may have been directed to this page URL from my Facebook group in order to access educational content or my Fist Theory Resources Portal, which provides links or contact information for Fisting Clubs, Fisting Venues, and Fisting Social Media Groups around the world.

The portal also has an Events Calendar. If you own a fisting related website and would like the code snippit to publish my calendar, please request it of me (contact links below or in my Fisting Bio. All I ask is that you credit me and my website as the compiler of data.

There is the skeleton of a Vendor Marketplace on the portal as well. It has links to vendors of commonly used fisting gear and provisions. Eventually, I will implement a Fist Theory™ Store Front where you can purchase Fist Theory™ branded appareal and hardcopy educational literature, as well as access items from other Fist Theory™ Vendor Partners across international borders so that you aren't paying customs fees, international shipping, and VAT (assuming I can find partners in the UK, Austrailia, EU, Canada, and South America). The Store Front will also provide a means for you to book Fisting Seminars in your home city presented by me.