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Your acquired fisting knowledge is extremely valuable, and I welcome your contributions and suggestions.

  • Information provided will either be integrated directly into the existing framework or added as an Advice from the Pros guest article.
  • Assistance with graphic design and instructional videos (actors, directors, cameramen) is always welcome.

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Updates are made regularly to Fist Club: Infinite Depth Vortex. Changes are documented in the Update History section provided at the end of each fisting-related article.

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Image Library. Catalog of all images and media used within Fist Club and associated sources and credits.

Media Library. Catalog of all films and audio segments used within Fist Club with associated sources and credits.

Reference Library / Bibliography. List of all Fisting reference material used in the compilation of Fist Club.

Developer's Library. Links to HTML, CSS, Javascripting, Image Editing, and Media creation tools and sites used to develop Fist Club.

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